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Monday limerick: Getting our ultrasound on

September 23, 2013



It’s time for the big ultrasound! Four-chambered heart and a head that is round. Fingers crossed that all’s clear, but we don’t want to hear whether boy parts or girl parts are found. Tomorrow is ultrasound day! Hurray! Ok, I guess the rhyming can stop now.  My mother asked me: If you’re not going to […]

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Monday Limerick: Time for a new wardrobe

September 9, 2013



Now that M’s belly’s starting to show, Her “skinny” wardrobe had to go. Out with old, in with new. It’s the least we can do. Brand new outfits with much room to grow! This pretty much sums up our weekend. After weeks of squeezing into clothes that simply aren’t comfortable anymore, M finally decided the […]

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Now that you know…

September 6, 2013



As I write this, there have been more than 120 “likes” on a Facebook post from earlier this week, where I announced the imminence of our long-awaited offspring. Of course “awaited” is a funny way to put it. There has been waiting, sure, but there’s also been a lot of finagling and frustration, breath-holding, finger-crossing, […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Yellowstone National Park (Geysers, & Bison, & Sulfur! Oh my!)

September 4, 2013



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Tuesday Limerick: The secret’s out!

September 3, 2013



If you see us, you might be mistaken’d, so we’re reviving Monday’s Limerick segment. That’s no belly of beer – second trimester’s here. That’s right, the doc’s finally pregnant!

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